Pablo Color has been present on the European market since 2012. We specialize in developing sales techniques in FMCG segment. The company is a distributor and owner of Pablo Color's own brand. The offered products are located in the "impulse" zones on dedicated displays, sales counters, cash register zones and in the checkout areas. Based on local, national operators, we reach thousands of retail outlets around the world. The Pablo Color offer is available in the stores of the extensive modern trade, discount and traditional Convenience trade networks as well as in the retail chains of merchant networks. Our products are excellent and frequently regarded as the best on the market. The Pablo Color experience is a guarantee of profit and 100% customer satisfaction. The positioning system has been developed for the diversity of stores in local markets in all types of stores, including convenience stores and chemists. We believe that properly selected cosmetics help to bring out the natural beauty of every woman. Pablo Color products are known for their best quality as well as great durability, and the content of caring additives, and natural oils with a pro-health character. Pablo Color products are a perfect combination of price and quality.

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